As a parent, a father and son guests wearing with "hard" Jordan dunk movement of basketball shoes airjordan (Joe) images broadcast, Jordan shoes have become some tin city high school students in sports Jordans for sale class bright eye equipment at ordinary times, also became classmates between decent and elegant gift to send birthday wishes.Market the rush will be carried to the price of a pair of basketball shoes for 4000 yuan, some students in order to can afford to buy a pair of thousands of yuan, Jordan shoes, shoes the willing to line up in the morning, or as a shoe dealer "accomplice", in the class or micro letter microblog selling shoes.
Recently, the reporter approached the relevant shoes fans, understand the tin city young people obsessed with the degree of Jordan shoes.At the same time, consulting the owners and relevant experts, to understand the causes of Jordans for sale expensive.
"I bought a new house of shoe money enough down!"
"I was a junior high school students are addicted to Cheap Jordan Shoes, and then look at Taiwan actor and American rapper attend activities will wear airjordan, feel very handsome, your if can also have a pair of cool."Lee excitedly with reporters to share his 10 years of story and Jordan shoes."Now then, I have been in this struggle, I also opened his own company, can buy a pair of airjordan nearly every week, I think I also salute in over the years has been for his dream."
Mr. Li showed his nearly 100 pairs of Jordans for sale, a whole wall of the room is designed in shoe rack, neatly stacked airjor - Dan of different age."How can also add up these shoes for a down payment of new homes", Mr Li "showing off" the collection, "free every shoe I loathe to give up throw away, I will take out touch, smell, proud".He also revealed that awaits this year's Christmas, see can buy Jordan 6 generations of red and black color shoes.
Jordan shoes have many female fans
Qiao Dan shoes is not only love playing basketball boy, many don't play basketball girl likes to it.Office secretary zhang this year 25 years old, is a sports fan, "I like the bulls, like Jordan, nature also like Jordan Shoes Online sale. I bought the aj6 generation ice powder blue and grey green, the color is very beautiful, tie-in sportswear is very cool."In zhang's view, a pair of shoes sold more than 1000 yuan is quite reasonable, she can afford.
Still in high school the penny usually don't like sports, is a brand."We are required to wear sports shoes for gym class, now main wear nb and Nike shoes, girls in the class birthday gift this year is my classmates gave me a pair of aj1 generation of black and white color."Penny said buy shoes mainly parents accompany oneself to, not a few, but now your monthly allowance to buy a pair of 1000 yuan or so there is no question of Jordans for sale.
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